Inside The Museum

Permanent Exhibits


  • Kerosene lamp – has its original painted shade and prisms. It is original to the house.
  • Hand-made Foot Stool – found in the house.
  • Two late-Victorian Chairs – once covered in green velvet. They were retied and recovered.
  • Late-Victorian Fainting Couch – originally green velvet. It had to have its springs retied and upholstery redone.
  • Three antimacassars – crocheted by an elderly Boalsburg resident who was living at Centre Crest. Crocheting these gave her a purpose.
  • Victorian Chair – a gift from a woman who believed the museum needed her grandmother’s chair. It has quite remarkable carvings of a women’s heads.
  • Two-Victorian Side Chairs – one read and one green; a gift to the Museum.
  • Child’s Rocker – found in the house. Belonged to Sara Meyers Sweet and her two sisters, Virginia and Naomi, who grew up in this house in the late 1800’s.
  • The “Virginia” Doll – belonged to Virginia Meyers. Amber Keene found it on a trash heap. She cleaned it up and made some new clothes. The stockings are original. She and her granddaughter gave it to the Museum.
  • Parlor Table – bought for the museum by Ruth Corter.
  • Small Molded Dog – from the Victorian period.


  • Boalsburg Diamond – Painting by Vincent Carducci.
  • Photo of William “Billy” Meyers
  • Photo of Mrs. William “Billy” Meyers and daughter, Naomi.
  • Local Doctor (Dr. Kidder) on his horse – A “painted” photo.
  • Blue Spring Farm – A “painted” photo.

Dining Room

  • Drop leaf table – from the Hess/Segner House; early 1800’s. There is some nice inlay on the legs.
  • Oak Sideboard – from the late 19th century or early 20th century and is from the William Tennis House.
  • Two Victorian “Fancy Chairs” – Bull’s Eye with cane seat.
  • Coffee Server – mid-1800’s.
  • Silver Place Setting – from the Billy Meyer’s home.
  • Four-Windsor Chairs – on loan as is the Ceiling Candelabra.
  • Cuckoo Clock – from Bavaria, on loan and is decorated in Bavarian (Farmers’) Art.


  • Jelly Cupboard and Dough Tray – from Boalsburg.
  • Harvest Table – has leather pulls for the drop leaf.


  • There are marble tops on the bureau and wash stand of the painted bedroom suite.
  • The cradle was hand-made over 150 years ago and came from the Myers’ home.
  • The rope bed was made in Boalsburg from tulip wood (poplar) and painted to look like mahogany.
  • The sewing machine and cover is early Singer.
  • Hitch Cock Painted Chair.

School Room

  • The teacher’s desk and table were originally in the Boalsburg School.