Our Mission

The Boalsburg Heritage Museum (BHM) is committed to the mission of preserving historical items significant to Boalsburg and Harris Township, and, thereby, promoting community interest in the village through historical education. Learning to appreciate our past will provide a vital link with the families and memories that have made our community. To that end, the home is open to the public regularly from April through early December. The visitor can view historical artifacts, and more, with free admission to the Boalsburg Heritage Museum any Saturday between 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., or sit in on our monthly board meeting the second Thursday of each month, 7:00 p.m., at the Harris Township Building.

A climate controlled archive has recently been created in the space that was earlier used as a woodshed. This area will be used for storage of historical documents that are sensitive to temperature extremes, as well as humidity, dust, and other pollutants. Important items, such as books, paperwork, and photographs, will no longer be exposed to deterioration from light or growth of mold, mildew and musty odors. Harris Township historical treasures will be kept safe and preserved for future generations.


Promotion of Community Interest. Since 1984 the Boalsburg Heritage Museum has worked tirelessly to acquire and preserve items of historical importance to Harris Township. We are excited about sharing the history of beautiful Central Pennsylvania. We want folks to appreciate the preservation of our culture in the village of Boalsburg that reflects an earlier, simpler life. We want you to look around and see beautiful examples of Victorian and Georgian architecture left to us by our forefathers.

Participation in Community Events

Through interaction within the town we become a part of current village life. Join us in May as we participate in the commemoration of the first Memorial Day. A Day in Towne recalls life in one small Pennsylvania town during the Civil War and how young women began the tradition of laying flowers on the graves of loved ones. At BHM we offer free tours of the museum and hot, tasty treats from the beehive oven in the summer kitchen. We also invite the visitor to enjoy Soup from the Iron Kettles at the Township Building, site of the original Blacksmith Shop and then watch blacksmiths of today demonstrate their skills with volunteer helpers from local fifth grade classrooms.

In December, we participate in Boalsburg’s Hometown Christmas with the annual Cookie Contest. We invite you to tour the museum and enjoy our colonial Christmas theme.


William Murray built this house in 1825 on a parcel of land at the east end of the town called Springfield, later named Boalsburg. By 1837, Daniel and Jonathan Mosser had begun to buy several tracts of land in the east end of town, including the 38 acre, 34.5 perch, William Murray property that housed a tannery operation, one of the earliest enterprises in the settlement when Andrew Stroup began selling lots in his development about 1810. The Mossers continued operation of the tannery through 1880 when the property was sold to Philip Meyer who made several changes such as closing the fireplaces to permit coal/wood burning stoves and lengthening windows and shutters.

William M. Myers (no relation to Philip) purchased the farm in 1902. Electricity to light Boalsburg’s first street was produced in the property’s “lighthouse” during this time. Additional farm buildings included a summer kitchen, bank barn, and corncrib. Upon William’s death, in 1932, daughter Sarah Catherine purchased the farm from the estate. Sarah’s home, for 51 years, then became known as the Myers-Sweet House. In 1983, it became the property of the Boalsburg Heritage Museum Association and is listed in the Pennsylvania “Register of Historic Sites & Landmarks”.